Terry Atieno socially known as Terry Proud Chocolate and to some Terry Chocolat is the creator main author of this space.

She is an all round Kenyan social media public figure based in Germany. She founded visual radio and made it popular through her online project ”The Proud Chocolate Visual Radio”. She also founded the Kitchen as a dancing floor through her pioneer online entertainment livestream show ”The Chai Show”.

Terry is a multitalent. To her, ”everything is possible through christ who strengthens her” she always says. She believes that ”no human is limited” and that every ”dream is valid”, like her fellow Kenyans Eliud Kipchoge the most famous long distance runner and Lupita Nyong’o Kenya’s export to hollywood puts it respectively.

Terry Proud has indulged in and gained a huge amount of experience in many areas ranging from politics to entertainment to world travel to immigration to entrepreneurship, consultancy, philanthropy etc etc.

As you wait for more content on the website, please check out her Youtube (she is a great storyteller there) & Ticktock channels for big time entertainment.

Yours Faithfully,